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I'm BACK...Bunraku
gackt, gackto
WARNING: one or two curse words due to sleep deprivation [just saying]

I know that it has been an indescribable amount of time that I have been drifting from this cyberspace, but what can I say...um...I was kidnapped by my imagination and am now just drifting back into orbit (lol; has that ever happened to you?)

Today, I won't ramble on about the happenings of jpop or kpop; rather, I want to share my unepic fail worthy journey to getting my peepers on Bunraku aka the movie-where-Gackt-is-amazing-in-all-his-kick-assery-but-there-was-little-promotional-campaigns-in-the-US-typical-fail. *sigh*...

When I first had heard that Bunraku was in production in 2008 or 2009 (who can remember these sort of things!?), I was ecstatic (read: bat shit crazy) that Gackt was cast in a major role. I was really hoping that this would be the opportunity for Gackt to receive more international recognition for his acting skills. However, the more I brooded over this, I thought: why the hell does Gackt need such recognition...his career, musical or otherwise, has already conveyed the epicness that is Gackt.

Nevertheless, I digress; it would not hurt to see Gackt's face on the big screen. Every so often I kept checking for updates; then in 2010, when production was finished I had assumed that Bunraku would have a major big screen debut considering the cast. I was effortlessly teased by the clips that appeared here and there on YouTube and other video sites. I was majorly disappointed when it only debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival and select theaters in early 2011. While I enjoyed watching Gackt's interview on the TIFF red carpet, I really wanted a bigger promotional campaign for Bunraku.

Finally, the week before Christmas, my sister and I were cruising for last minute gift ideas when....DUNDUNDUN...she found Bunraku on Blu-ray at our local Wal-Mart for $15 ... however, in the karmic wrongness that is my luck I had just spent the last of my paycheck. TT.TT

Then the following week my Grandma said she had a big "surprise" for me (frankly I hate surprises because they usually suck)... I took the plunge and asked her what the surprise was & ... *TADA*...

She presented my sister and I with Bunraku on DVD from redbox... woot WOOT ... Can I getta Hot tub!!!? (Anyone know that reference? Comment & receive free cyber cookies)...

All I can say is that I love the movie...Gackt was amazing with his linguistic skills. There was no option to choose subtitles, but the little subtitles that were automatically included as part of production was slightly difficult to read because of the font. The plot was somewhat predictable, but the effects more than made up for that. I do not know why, but in the back of my mind, I kept expecting Gackt to break out singing the lyrics from Episode.0 or something else. XD I would recommend Bunraku to any Gackt or Japanese culture fan.

Well I said I would not ramble, but see what happens when my imagination hijacks my mind...until next time, dreamers…
~ adieu, ciaosuu, sayonara, bye bii, ja, etc.

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