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Coming and Going...
flan, fran, khr

Brownie points if you get the reference. I do not really have much to say other than I really (i mean really) suck at updating. I recently got back into my routine of being an internet user after an agonizing week of no internet. *Lame T.T i know...right.* Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled post of nothingness.

Updating is a pain for me because I just fail at keeping up to pace with anything. Just recently I just got back into reading fanfics, but I hate Mary Sues! *eyeroll* My fave fanfics are currently Ouran, Kuroshitsuji aka Black Butler, HP, and KHR. So if you have a new fic or old one feel free to send me a comment and advertise away ;)(please no spam). I tend to watch dramas on and off so currently I am watching My Boss my Hero, Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (roughly translated to Japanese the Japanese Don't Know), and Deka Wanko.

I just finished watching Gokusen the Movie. ^^ When it first came out I was really excited and could not wait for the subs, but at the same time I was wary. I was afraid that combining the characters from the different seasons would somehow lack the same chemistry each season had individually. All my reservations aside, I delved into the movie, and let me tell you, I could not stop watching it.

*spoiler alert for all those who have yet to watch it* At the end when Uchi (Oguri) taps Yankumi (Yukie) then pokes her and says "baka" was a perfect moment. However, I think that perfect moment would have been EPIC if it had been Shin (Matsujun) who did it. Other than that, I loved the movie and squeed *teehee* when Kame and Koike came on the screen.
Sorry I am going to wrap it up here because I am having a blank...

Sayonara fellow otakus and fans. Until next time...Adieu <(6.6)>

*Snap* My blank almost made me forget. I want to give a shout out to my friend Adela-chan (black_rose45000). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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