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Messages for Japan...KK & FEM collab
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Konnichwa Minna-san,

After much anticipation and waiting the track "Make it Bump" has been uploaded to Youtube. This track is a bonus song featured on the Japanese version of "Free Wired." It is a collaboration between the Far East Movement and Koda Kumi. The song is a perfect example of the genius of each artist. Check out the track on Youtube.

"Make It Bump":

In response to slants_of_light post on messages of hope for Japan from Johnny's & Associates, I am going to share some of the messages from Stardust celebrities. For each message below, I only included the lines from each celebrity that stood out the most to me. For full messages and messages from other celebrities check out the Stardust website or the links below.

Hongo Kanata: "I deeply wish that the victims can receive psychological care and that rebuilding can start as soon as possible."

Okada Masaki: "I’m not sure what I can accomplish, and I may be a small force, but I am thinking about what I can do right now. I wish that I can be of even a little help through something…"

Ichihara Hayato:"Every single person has an important feeling, just like how every single person has a name. I will be working hard to support things by assessing the situation calmly, helping with even the smallest things, and not losing faith."

Kitagawa Keiko:"Although the uncertainty continues, please do not lose your spirit. I am praying from the bottom of my heart that smiles will return to everyone."

YUI:"I think about the many connections I’ve made through my music and concerts, and I want to meet everyone again with smiles. To reach that goal, I want to work hard and do everything I can right now carefully."

Thanks Stardust & Co. for your hopeful, positive messages. Japan will eventually smile again. Continue to pray for Japan. Fighting!!!

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